Holy Name Medical Center

The partnership between Holy Name Medical Center and SINAI Schools is based on a shared commitment to providing excellence in care to individuals with special needs, and preserving the dignity and self-esteem of all individuals. 

Over 17 years ago, when SINAI first opened Shalem High School at TABC and the students were embarking on a curriculum of functional academics and life skills, Holy Name enthusiastically agreed to serve as a vocational training location for SINAI students. Since that time, Holy Name Medical center has welcomed many SINAI students to hone their work skills in various different capacities, valuing their work ethics and dedication, and treating them just like every other employee, with equality and respect. 

In 2015, Michael Maron, President and CEO of HNMC, established the Holy Name Medical Center Scholarship Award in an effort to ensure that the children of families who could not otherwise afford SINAI would be able to receive the special education they need. Since that time, dozens of children have benefitted from this scholarship fund.

Holy Name has also partnered with SINAI Schools to develop “Breaking Barriers in Care,” a program to raise awareness and sensitivity, and to specially train HNMC staff and medical students to attend to the unique needs of those with often "invisible" intellectual disabilities. 

To hear more about this program, click on the image below to watch this video.


In recognition of our ongoing partnership, at our 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner, SINAI Schools presented Holy Name Medical Center and Mr. Maron with SINAI Schools' Community Partnership Award.

SINAI Schools has also been gifted a permanent spot on a Holy Name Medical Center billboard on Route 4 as part of our unique partnership. To view some of our billboards, click here