Trying to decide whether your child needs special education is one of the most difficult decisions you can be faced with as a parent. At SINAI Schools, we will work with you to make this decision, and to determine if SINAI will provide the best learning environment for your child.

Financial considerations are overwhelming for almost all of our parents. When there is a child we know we can help, we do everything we can to make it possible for that child to attend, regardless of financial obstacles. We will help you explore all of the options that may be open to you in financing your child’s special education at SINAI Schools.

Your next step in this process is to give us a call. Pick up the phone and tell us about your child. Our Dean, Rabbi Dr. Yisrael Rothwachs, will help you to figure out if you should come and visit one of our campuses, to see if it might be right for your child.

Rabbi Yisrael Rothwachs