By Gittie Rothschild on Nov 19, 2020
I grew up surrounded by the study of Torah, amidst a constant flow of people coming to learn in our home. I woke up early to the sound of my father’s learning, and I fell asleep to the tune of his laining practice.
By Rabbi Dr. Yisrael Rothwachs on Nov 12, 2020
Every day I am profoundly grateful for the interconnectedness of my personal and professional lives.
By Elizabeth Kratz on Oct 29, 2020
Fundamental to the mission of SINAI Schools is that every Jewish child deserves access to a top-notch yeshivah where they are celebrated, appreciated, and nurtured to the very best of their abilities. 
By Joanne Palmer, The Jewish Standard on Aug 24, 2020
It’s never been an issue before, certainly not in living memory.
By Abigail Hepner Gross for The Jewish Standard on Jul 16, 2020
In early March, as the realization set in that we at Sinai Schools would have to move to online learning at all of our schools, it became apparent that we were living through history.