At SAR Academy

SINAI at SAR Academy is located in Riverdale, NY.

SAR is SINAI’s 7th partner school, joining Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, Torah Academy of Bergen County, Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School, and Heichal HaTorah.

For 36 years, SINAI has been serving children with a wide range of special needs and complex disabilities, providing each student a program tailored to his or her needs. SINAI is the only Jewish special education school to be accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, a distinction we have held since 2004.

In opening a new school at SAR, SINAI is responding to the increased demand for our services, particularly within New York City and Westchester.  We have doubled in size over the past seven years to meet the ever-growing needs of the community.  Our partnership with SAR enables us to continue to grow to meet demand, and allow us to serve children who currently live too far away to commute to our existing schools in New Jersey.  It is our hope that SINAI at SAR will become an important resource within New York City and Westchester for families who have children with special needs. 

Currently in its inaugural year, in the 2018-19 year SINAI at SAR Academy serves children ages 6-9 who have a wide range of complex learning challenges and/or developmental disabilities. The school will expand to add higher grades in each year of its operation, ultimately serving children in grades 1-8. Following our inclusive "school within a school" model, SINAI operates in partnership with SAR Academy, providing the academic support SINAI's special education students need, and working together with SAR to create an inclusive educational experience for the students of both schools. SINAI students are part of the SAR community -- sharing the playground, lunchroom, and even classes with SAR students when appropriate, and riding the same buses as their brothers

SAR Academy, located in Riverdale, NY, is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school established in 1969.  The school’s open architectural plan is a physical representation of the value placed by SAR on open thinking, engagement, collaboration, and respectful relationships.  According to its mission statement, SAR Academy is “dedicated to the belief that every child possesses a divine spark, has unique worth as an individual and should be encouraged to achieve according to his or her ability.”  The SAR philosophy and approach to education and inclusion makes them ideal partners for us at SINAI, and Rabbi Binyamin Krauss, Principal of SAR Academy, has been an enthusiastic collaborator in the agreement between our two schools.


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For more information about enrollment and available positions, please contact Aura Lurie, Director of SINAI at SAR, at 347-274-3634 or complete the form below.