Our Schools and Programs

With elementary schools, high schools, and adult programs across the New York metropolitan area, SINAI Schools serves a wide range of individuals of different ages and needs.

We have four elementary schools: SINAI at RYNJ and SINAI at JKHA in New Jersey; SINAI at SAR Academy in Riverdale, and SINAI at YCQ in Queens, NY.  All four elementary schools serve children from Grades 1-8 with a variety of special needs, including significant learning disabilities, social and neurological conditions such as Autism Spectrum and anxiety disorders, and developmental disabilities. Students are placed into appropriate social and academic age groups based on their individual needs.

Our four high schools serve children with a wide range of disabilities. Depending on their needs, students will be placed either in our academically rigorous program, designed for children with academic and/or social challenges including learning disabilities and Aspergers, or into our functionally academic program, designed for children with developmental disabilities.

Our adult programming includes SHELI, a supervised live-in residence for adult men with developmental disabilities.