Changing A Child's Life

No parents should ever be forced to give up on what is best for their child because finances are an obstacle.  

You have the opportunity to change a child’s life by donating to our Scholarship Fund.

Following are excerpts from actual scholarship applications we have received.

“Sending D to SINAI is a unique gift…the true value of what the school provides him far exceeds the tuition you charge.  Nevertheless, even that amount is sadly beyond our means…”

“When J was younger, he did not speak until he was three years old, but even before he could speak he would sing ‘davening’ and hug his Torah often. J had attended public school for 3 years, and we incorporated Jewish education after school and Sundays.  That cannot compare to being in a Jewish environment every day.  We had a wonderful year in the SINAI program. After three different schools, we finally feel that we have found the right place for J.  I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the teachers and administration.  We want to be able to send J to SINAI for as long as he needs it.  We are requesting financial assistance because we cannot afford the SINAI tuition in addition to our current expenses. Without assistance we will be left no choice but to enroll J in public school.”

 “We do not receive financial assistance from our families….We live as frugally as possible, but in addition to the expense of day school tuition, we have tremendous medical bills…three of our children have been diagnosed with mental health issues that require weekly psychotherapy and a great deal of medication….The emotional and financial stress this school year has been overwhelming…”

“We are experiencing what seems to be an unending strain of strenuous circumstances for the past few year …We pray for easier times to come in order not to have to ask for help…we hope you will afford us to give our children the needed education in order for them to succeed in life and hopefully give back in kind to others…”

“Losing any scholarship assistance would make continuing L’s Jewish education at SINAI impossible….We ask for financial assistance to ensure that our daughter is able to receive the Jewish education that we feel is right for her.  We want our children to grow up with a quality Jewish education so that they can one day give back to the Jewish community that they have been blessed with — the life that we value and cherish as observant Jews.”

 “Without assistance we will be left no choice but to enroll A in public school…”

 “Neither [my wife] nor I intend to take from the school and the community that supports it without giving back duly….as grateful SINAI parents we would be delighted to contribute our efforts, time, and talents to your school…”

“My husband…often works 50-60 hour weeks including Sundays to provide for our family…for now we don’t make ends meet….our expenses are above our income…T is thriving in SINAI, and we plan to continue her in this program…For now, though, I need you to reconsider our situation, and to lessen our tuition obligation to you.  We fully appreciate what you’ve done so far for us.”