“Where good is never enough…Where success means always trying to find a better way…”
--Conclusion Report: Middle States Accreditation of SINAI Schools

Parents seeking a special education placement for their child choose SINAI Schools not only because they value a Jewish education, but because they know that we provide an outstanding secular education as well. 

SINAI is the only Jewish day school for children with special needs to be accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Being accredited means that SINAI has met rigorous standards for its educational programs, as reviewed and evaluated by an independent accrediting agency.

Every year we undergo a rigorous self-evaluation focused on student academic achievement.  We set targeted school-wide academic goals in a variety of subject areas, and use norm-based assessments to gauge our progress.  Every year since our accreditation we have exceeded our targeted goals.   By holding ourselves accountable to this ongoing self-evaluation, we ensure that we constantly improve our academic program.