Music Therapy

SINAI's Bayrish Schreiber Music Therapy Program uses music as a therapeutic tool to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of our students.  Led by a  Board Certified Music Therapist, it offers a unique and innovative way to break through to children who have difficulties with language and communication.

Individually tailored to meet each child's specific needs, this music therapy program's goals include:

  • developing pride and boosting self-esteem
  • addressing emotional issues
  • facilitating development in communication and sensorimotor skills
  • developing social skills
  • promoting cooperative learning
  • increasing motiviation to participate more fully in other aspects of the educational setting
  • improving frustration tolerance
  • learning calming techniques which can be applied by the children to their daily lives

          and, of course

  • developing a love and appreciation for music

 SINAI Schools gratefully acknowledges AJ and Leah Schreiber for establishing and continuing to support our Bayrish Schreiber Music Therapy Program.