My Challenges Don't Define Me

We all face challenges in our lives. The important thing is not to let those challenges define us.

For our students at SINAI Schools, these challenges take the shape of a range of disabilities, from cognitive/intellectual challenges to complex learning difficulties, to developmental and physical disabilities. At SINAI Schools, a key message we impart to our children is to focus on their abilities, and never to define themselves by their disabilities.

Even if you face a challenge in your life, you can change your outlook, the way you look at yourself. As one of our high school students told us just before he graduated, “I’m more than my diagnosis. I’m not this kid who’s autistic. I’m me…this is a part of me but it’s not what defines me.”

SINAI Schools is proud to partner with Holy Name Medical Center to bring you this important message. The images you see below have appeared with thanks to HNMC on their billboards on Route 4 in Paramus, NJ.