Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) at SINAI Schools is a unique and integral component of our students’ school experience. Our goal is to increase our students’ performance by facilitating increased independence and broadening their participation in academic and social aspects of the school day. 

Occupational Therapy at SINAI addresses many areas, including fine motor skills and handwriting, visual perception and visual motor skills, gross motor coordination skills, sensory processing, self-care, and activities of daily living as related to the school setting. Therapy sessions are conducted as needed, on an individual basis or in a small group setting, either using a pull-out or push-in model. In addition, our occupational therapists run Adaptive Physical Education (APE) classes with larger groups of students, with an emphasis on improving gross motor coordination, and broadening exposure to and knowledge of commonly played group games and sports. 

Our occupational therapists and speech therapists also collaborate to conduct a “SPOT” (combined Speech and Occupational Therapy) group of 6-8 children, in which the students engage in various activities, projects, and crafts to address skills within both disciplines.  

Therapists meet regularly with classroom teachers to help ensure that the gains made during occupational therapy sessions are successfully carried over to the classroom, and that therapeutic techniques are infused throughout our students’ days.