Therapeutic Drama

At SINAI Schools, we have found that drama and performance can be an amazing tool in teaching many skills to our students, particularly those with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Our unique Arts and Drama Program (offered at SINAI Shalem at TABC) emphasizes skills such as expressive language, organization, and collaboration, and culminates in one of the highlights of the year, the performance of a live show. Work begins in September when students are introduced to the storyline of the play, after which scripts are adapted and adjusted to match the strengths of each student.

This experience is designed to promote social development, build confidence, and create a powerful unity of our student body and school community. A natural backdrop for overall speech and language development, the Drama program targets students’ articulatory precision, inflection, expression and pragmatic language skills. Additional areas of growth include motor planning, turn-taking, and problem solving. The performance at the end of the school year is always an emotional and proud evening for parents and teachers alike.

Our Therapeutic Drama class (offered at SINAI Shalem at Ma’ayanot and Heichal HaTorah) is taught by a special education drama teacher who works together with the schools’ social worker to ensure that the social skills taught in class are brought to life through drama. Therapeutic drama is reality based as opposed to performance based, using the tool of drama to teach, experiment, and experience. 

Through games and reading skits, the students practice communication and proper manners. They learn about how to respect adults and peers, how to disagree respectfully, and how to stand up for themselves. Drama is used to teach right from wrong using humor, to allow the students to experience a situation and the feelings associated with that situation in a non-stressful and non-judgmental environment. Skits are tailor-made for each student and the skills he or she is learning.