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Finding Her Voice

When she first came to SINAI she could not speak. Today Racheli is thriving.

In the Blink of an Eye

His survival and recovery were a miracle. But even after all of the surgeries and therapies, there was only one place that could meet his needs… This is why SINAI…

Shim Craimer: Journeys-A SINAI Music Video

This music video follows the emotional journey of the parents of a child with special needs… from their pain at watching their child struggle, to the fear that they won’t…


Four SINAI Alumni. Four different SINAI journeys. Where are they today? Hear directly from these inspiring former students how SINAI impacted their lives.


The children of SINAI Schools remind us it’s what’s inside that counts. These are the faces of SINAI Schools.

Prayers From My Heart

“May all our dreams and prayers come true.” This original song and music video was created by three SINAI parents. It captures the journey of pain, hope and joy that…

Walking Through Fire

Overcoming disabilities and painful loss, SINAI alumnus Yaakov Guttman rose to create his own destiny.

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SINAI Stories

  • By: Pearl Markovitz
  • Mar 30, 2023
The Jewish Link

You have given S so much more than just an education. You have helped build up her self-esteem. You have helped her feel good about herself. Every day she has grown and has become so much more than she ever thought she could be. Thank you.

Tova and AriSINAI Parents

I really love going to school every day. More than at any other school I have ever worked in, at SINAI I really feel like I am part of a team. The teachers and therapists support one another, and we know that the administration is always open to our ideas.

Adena LefkowitzTeacher, SINAI Schools

You don't realize you're getting more than just academics and therapies when you put your child in SINAI. Once you see the difference, you feel a gigantic weight lifted from your shoulders. You understand that you are not doing this alone. Other people are invested in bringing your child to his or her potential as a well-rounded human being.

AllysonSINAI Parent

It's amazing to work for a place where you feel heard and you feel like you are making a difference. When I bring ideas to my supervisor, she listens, we brainstorm, and we find a way to put them into action.

Ilana PickerTeacher

You took a child who thought he had reached the pinnacle and showed him there are more places to climb. It will continue to be a journey but you have provided the maps, ropes, and harnesses to make sure that he can reach the top!

Laurie and YehudaSINAI Parents

SINAI has an incredibly dedicated staff. All loving and caring, even the administrative staff in the business office. Every teacher and therapist works so hard to help each child grow into the most self sufficient, well rounded person they can be.

Isaac and AvitalSINAI Parents