What makes us so UNIQUELY special?

  • The ESSENTIAL SERVICE that we provide to the entire Jewish community. Our children struggle with developmental and learning disabilities, and have special needs that cannot be met by other Yeshivot or Day Schools.
  • The COMPLETELY INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM that we create for each student in order to meet his or her specific educational, social, and emotional needs.
  • The INCLUSION of our students as full and equal members of our host Yeshivot and Day Schools.
  • The HIGH EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS required by our Middle States Accreditation, and by our own culture of always striving to do more and to do better.

With a 1:2 STAFF TO STUDENT RATIO and the custom-tailored program that each child requires, SINAI's costs per child are staggeringly high ... and our fundraising need is acute.

It is only through your COMPASSION AND GENEROSITY that our vital work can continue.

For more information visit our main website - www.sinaischools.org