Business Administration

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Sam Fishman, Managing Director
201.833.1134 x113

Diane Amato, Bookkeeper
201.833.1134 x104

Solange Captan, Tuition Director & Counsel
201.833.1134 x114

Lyn Cohen, Administrative and Educational Associate
201.833.1134 x106

Arielle Greenbaum Saposh, Assistant Managing Director & Counsel
201-833-1134 x111

Yoni Greenfield, Information Technology Coordinator
201.833.1134 x103

Abigail Hepner Gross, Director of Communications
201.833.1134 x116

Robert Holczer, Comptroller
201.833.1134 x102

Sara Kesler, Business and Technology Specialist
201.833.1134 x110

Toby Lubin, Development Associate
201.833.1134 x129

Michele Papavasiliou, Graphic Designer
201.833.1134 x128

Robbin Singerman, Legal Assistant
201.833.1134 x124

Catherine Slattery, Deputy Director of Tuition
201.833.1134 x123