Business Administration

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Sam Fishman, Managing Director
201.833.1134 x113

Esti Herman, Chief Development Officer
201.833.1134 x125

Arielle Greenbaum Saposh, Assistant Managing Director & Counsel
201-833-1134 x111

Solange Captan, Tuition Director & Counsel
201.833.1134 x114

Abigail Hepner Gross, Director of Communications
201.833.1134 x116

Aggie Siletski, Administrative Director
201.833.1134 x105

Rachel Schneider, Assistant Tuition Director
201.833.1134 x101

Rabbi Howard Gershon, Business Manager & Director of Development
201.833.1134 x102

Diane Amato, Bookkeeper
201.833.1134 x104

Lyn Cohen, Executive Assistant
201.833.1134 x106

Michele Papavasiliou, Executive Assistant/Designer
201.833.1134 x128

Sara Kesler, Executive Assistant
201.833.1134 x129

Chana Shestack, Communications Associate
201.833.1134 x130

Toby Lubin, Executive Assistant, Development
201.833.1134 x129

Yoni Greenfield, Information Technology Coordinator
201.833.1134 x103