We are now hiring for the 2022-23 school year!

Available Positions

Assistant Teacher/Administrative Assistant

General Studies Special Education Teachers

Kindergarten teachers for new program

Occupational Therapist

School Psychologist

Special Education Assistant Teacher

Special Education General Studies Teachers - High Schools

Special Education Judaic Studies Teachers - Elementary Schools

Special Education Science Teacher-High School

Student Aide

Administrative Assistant

Assistant Teachers: Judaic/General Studies

Judaic Studies Special Education Teachers

Music Therapist

Physical Therapist

Social Worker

Special Education General Studies Teachers - Elementary Schools

Special Education High School English Teacher

Special Education Judaic Studies Teachers-Elementary Schools

Speech Therapist

Teaching Aide

Please email resumes to careers@sinaischools.org

Qualified minorities and/or women are encouraged to apply, EEO.

I really love going to school every day. More than at any other school I have ever worked in, at SINAI I really feel like I am part of a team. The teachers and therapists support one another, and we know that the administration is always open to our ideas.
Adena Lefkowitz Teacher, SINAI Schools