By Dena Mayerfeld for The Jewish Link on Feb 21, 2019
Ready for camping! Enter for excitement! Intelligent! Really Excellent and Incredibly Interesting and Intriguing!
By Malca and Rabbi Haim Jachter for The Jewish Link on Feb 15, 2019
We vividly recall the unforgettable moment when the doctor told us that our child had Down syndrome. It felt like a horrific sentence meted out to us. The questions and fears loomed large. What kind of a life would our child have? How would this impact our family? 
By Joanne Palmer of The Jewish Standard on Feb 8, 2019
Last week, I found myself sitting in a circle of six girls, some of their teachers, the director of their program, and some other visitors, far more moved and infinitely more engaged than I had any reason to expect to be.
By Elizabeth Kratz of The Jewish Link on Feb 8, 2019
Cross River, a Bergen County-based financial institution, is SINAI Schools Community Partnership awardee, to be celebrated at SINAI’s annual dinner on Feb. 24.
By Elizabeth Kratz of The Jewish Link on Feb 7, 2019
SINAI Schools is a success story of collaboration, one that partners the students of its schools with the community that supports it. It is a healthy, vibrant partnership and it is changing lives for our community’s children with special needs for the better.