By Joanne Palmer for The Jewish Standard on Feb 18, 2021
It’s fair to say that the Sinai Schools both benefited from and contributed to the societal changes that started to nibble away at some of the stigma surrounding special education.
By Elizabeth Kratz on Feb 18, 2021
In last week’s paper, my family enjoyed the final article in “A Season of SINAI Stories,” an uplifting piece by Esther and Jacob Schlanger, who accompanied their daughter Tamar to the marriage canopy in 2017.
By Esther and Jacob Schlanger on Feb 8, 2021
Tamar wanted a fairy tale wedding.  The beautiful flowing white dress, the big wedding cake, the simcha dancing.  A shiny part of that dream was a stretch limo to take them home at the end of the night.  So we hired the fanciest stretch limo we could find to drive Tamar and Chaim at the
By Joanne Palmer for The Jewish Standard on Feb 5, 2021
As all sorts of nonprofit institutions — local, national, and international, Jewish and non-Jewish — try to figure out how to raise the money that they need to keep going, many of them have done a great deal of thinking about how best to explain who they are, what their mission is, and in general
By Jill Friedbauer on Feb 1, 2021
Our weekly parenting group meeting was rolling along as it usually did---chit-chat, joking, complaining, noshing---when my phone rang, and I immediately excused myself to speak in private.  It was our daughter Racheli’s genetic counselor, and she had news that changed everything for us