By Joanne Palmer for The Jewish Standard on Jul 27, 2018
Sometimes things — ideals, education, skills — simply come together. They gel. They make sense. They just plain work. These are the elements that combined this summer:
By Jenny Gans for Jewish Link NJ on Jul 27, 2018
When SINAI Schools and Camp Shalom first partnered seven years ago, they laid the framework for a successful model of a camp chesed initiative. “I believe strongly in what SINAI does,” Rabbi Yehoshua Gold, Camp Shalom’s director told The Jewish Link.
By JLNJ Staff on Jul 13, 2018
Campers at Camp Shalom made a splash to raise money for SINAI Schools, kicking off the SINAI Schools “Swim for SINAI” summer fundraising campaign. This marks the seventh year that Camp Shalom has hosted this fundraiser, which now has multiple camps and even individual children participating.
By Frada Stone for The Jewish Link on Jun 18, 2018
Consider the following scenarios:
By Dena Mayerfeld on May 24, 2018
Sometimes, an individual can have a tremendous impact on the collective strength of his or her community.