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Sinai Schools: From a vision to reality
by Rabbi Benjamin Yudin for The Jewish Standard/New Jersey Jewish News Feb 23, 2023

What makes a community? Over my many years as a rabbi I’ve asked myself that question. You need three for...

Appreciating the Sinai Schools
by Joanne Palmer for The Jewish Standard Dec 22, 2022

The thing about the Sinai Schools, the special-needs school we write about this week, is that it’s for real. It’s...

Supporting Classmates, Supporting SINAI
by Elizabeth Kratz for The Jewish Link of New Jersey Dec 15, 2022

Imagine if every student enrolled in a SINAI partner high school—like Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC), Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High...

SINAI Honors ‘Micah’s Mindset’
by Elizabeth Kratz for The Jewish Link Dec 23, 2021

Twenty-two months ago, Teaneck’s Micah Kaufman lay in the hospital as the assembled participants at the SINAI Schools dinner said...

The magic of making menschen
by Joanne Palmer for The Jewish Standard/Times of Israel Dec 17, 2021

Sinai Schools leaders talk about guiding their students toward social skills — and happiness Students at the vocational program at...