Curriculum and Inclusion

Elementary level core curricula include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Hebrew language, and physical education.  Judaic studies include Tefillah (prayers), Halacha (laws and customs), Chumash/Tanach/Parsha, Mishna, and Gemara.  We teach to each individual child’s strengths, imparting knowledge and love of our heritage, holidays, and traditions. One of our core values is the love of, support of and connection to Medinat Yisrael. 

We place emphasis on crafting a thoughtful individualized educational plan for each child, and our multi-sensory approach to teaching provides our students with different ways to learn information that might be challenging to them.

Parents work together with our administrators and teachers to define their child’s academic goals and consider inclusion opportunities within the partner school. To the extent that they are able, children are “mainstreamed” into partner school academic classes after careful planning and supports are in place. Regardless of academic readiness, SINAI students participate in the many non-academic activities offered by their partner school, including recess, lunch, Tefillah, physical education, sports teams, and clubs as appropriate.