Elementary Schools

SINAI Schools has two elementary school campuses in New Jersey: Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy in Livingston and Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey in River Edge. Both campuses serve children in Grades 1-8. Our third elementary school, SINAI at SAR Academy, is located in Riverdale, NY and serves children ages 6-9. 

Having three elementary school campuses allows us to consider multiple factors when placing each child, including the best social and academic grouping for that particular child as well as geographic considerations.

Students at both campuses are divided into multi-grade groupings, with between 5-9 children in each class, staffed by three teachers. Each class is further divided for most subjects into smaller educational groupings of 1-4 students per teacher, so that each child receives exactly what he or she needs for each individual subject. In this way, we are able to serve students with a wide range of special needs--including learning disabilities, social and neurological conditions, and developmental disabilities---placing each child in a class that is both socially and academically appropriate.

Currently in its inaugural year, in the 2018-19 year SINAI at SAR Academy in Riverdale, NY serves children ages 6-9 who have a wide range of complex learning challenges and/or developmental disabilities. The school will expand to add higher grades in each year of its operation, ultimately serving children in grades 1-8. Following our inclusive "school within a school" model, SINAI operates in partnership with SAR Academy, providing the academic support SINAI's special education students need, and working together with SAR to create an inclusive educational experience for the students of both schools. SINAI students are part of the SAR community -- sharing the playground, lunchroom, and even classes with SAR students when appropriate, and riding the same buses as their brothers and sisters to school.