What Makes Maor High School Unique

The Maor Classroom

Maor classes are divided subject by subject, and average between 4-6 students.  Each student is provided individualized instruction, matching teaching styles and techniques to his or her strengths and challenges. 

In all subjects, our teachers employ a multi-sensory approach which integrates the use of sight, sound, speech and touch.  This approach reinforces meaningful learning. Skill-based learning is woven into all content areas.

In addition to their individualized SINAI classes, many students benefit from participating in academic courses in Maor’s partner school, RKYHS, after careful planning and supports are in place.


The core curriculum at SINAI Maor High School meets New Jersey state requirements for graduation. It includes Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Physical Education, Hebrew language, Art, Music, and Computer Science.  

In Judaic studies, areas of concentration include Jewish History, Halacha, Tefillah, Chumash, Navi, Mishna, and Gemara.   

Particular emphasis is placed on developing and improving our students’ organizational, time, and stress management skills, to help them recognize their strengths and learn strategies to address their own academic challenges.

We craft an individualized Comprehensive Student Plan specifically for each student, to meet his or her particular needs. This enables us to evaluate and track student progress throughout the year.

Inclusion by Design®

At Maor, all students are assessed individually for inclusion into RKYHS classes.  Each placement into a mainstream class is made on a careful, individual basis, as appropriate for each particular student.  

Maor students are integrated into the fabric of RKYHS life, participating in the many nonacademic activities offered by RKYHS, including lunch, prayers, gym, clubs, and co-curricular opportunities as appropriate.  

Maor’s partnership with RKYHS provides our students with a rich array of clubs to join. Clubs take place weekly during school hours and include artistic, educational, social awareness, and sports/recreation options. Co-curricular activities take place after school hours and also present a wide variety of opportunities for our students to engage socially with their friends outside the classroom, including sports teams, drama, and other activities.

SINAI students graduate at the RKYHS graduation ceremony, which is emblematic of the inclusion of our students as part of the overall RKYHS community.

College Preparation & Guidance

Maor students are encouraged to participate, with accommodations when appropriate, in the PSAT, SAT and/or ACT college testing programs.  Maor students are included in the RKYHS college guidance program, and work with both the RKYHS and Maor guidance counselors to determine their options for college after graduation.  

Following graduation, Maor students typically continue on to higher education.  They receive degrees at four-year colleges, community colleges, technical training programs, and other advanced programs.

Maor provides Israel guidance for students who choose to spend a gap year in Israel, advising on the programs that will best suit them and accommodate their learning differences.  We are proud of the many Maor alumni who have chosen to join the IDF as Lone Soldiers, demonstrating their commitment and love for the State of Israel.

Therapies and Counseling

In-house therapies offered at Maor include Art and Music Therapies, as well as Counseling and Social Skills Groups. Other therapies and related services are provided as needed. A licensed social worker is available on a regular basis to meet with our students individually and in small groups to discuss a variety of issues affecting them as learners and as teenagers.