Curriculum and Inclusion

At SINAI, we craft an individualized Comprehensive Student Plan specifically for each child, to meet his or her particular needs. Our core curriculum at Irving Montak SINAI School at SAR Academy includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Hebrew reading, and adaptive physical education.

In Judaic studies, areas of concentration include Tefillah, Parsha, Halacha, and Chumash.

Therapies offered at SINAI include Occupational, Speech/Language, Physical, Art, and Music therapies, as well as counseling and Social Skills Groups. Our psychologist works with students on developing their emotional, behavioral, and social growth. Therapies are provided one-on-one or in groups, both pulling out of the classroom and pushing into the classroom, depending on each child’s individual needs.

At SINAI, our students are full members of the SAR partner school community. Inclusion means something different for every child. Parents partner with our administrators and teachers to define their child’s academic goals and consider the myriad of inclusion opportunities within SAR Academy. SINAI students are “mainstreamed” into partner school academic classes after careful planning and supports are in place. They also participate in the many non-academic activities offered by SAR, including recess, lunch, Tefillah, physical education, music, art, and sports teams, as appropriate. Every part of SINAI’s Inclusion by Design approach is individualized to maximize and develop each child’s strengths.