The Rachel Schulman Memorial Fund


Rachel Schulman A”H, our beloved Associate Director, was one of the finest educators SINAI has known. Her passing has left a huge void in our hearts, particularly because what she brought to SINAI was so unique and difficult to replicate. 

Rachel’s entire approach to education was influenced by her belief in the power of individualized education, and she saw it as her mission to reach every child through whatever techniques and approaches worked best for that individual child.  

Rachel was the consummate Teacher’s Teacher.  Even our most seasoned educators learned from her and benefitted from her wisdom and guidance.  She believed that every child deserved a Jewish education, and she knew that the best way to make that vision come alive was to imbue SINAI teachers with the strength and skills necessary to reach each child, no matter what barriers that child faced.  When it was difficult to break through to one of our students, she was a master at redirecting and refocusing, at determining what approach would work--and she was uniquely skilled at guiding our teachers to do the same.

In Rachel's memory, The Rachel Schulman Memorial Fund will support the expansion of professional development for our educators and therapists and will raise funds for scholarships for SINAI’s children. Rachel Schulman believed every student deserved a uniquely tailored education and by providing SINAI scholarships in her name, we continue to make her dreams reality.

We ask that you support The Rachel Schulman Memorial Fund to help carry on Rachel's legacy at SINAI Schools. Your generosity will help us provide each of our students with the quality special education they deserve.

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