The SINAI Families Digital Safety and Citizenship Program

In our constantly changing world, here at SINAI we do our best to constantly ask ourselves how we can prepare your children to be active and contributing members of the community while always keeping their safety in mind. This year, we launched an exciting year-long initiative through which SINAI worked to support our entire school community---staff, students, and parents---in the ever changing arena of Digital Citizenship and Safety: The SINAI Families Digital Safety and Citizenship Program. We engaged in a schoolwide experience and dialogue that was deeply comprehensive and practical – not a one-time lecture but a year-long conversation that was informative, instructive and most of all, supportive.

Over the years, we have found that our students (regardless of age or profiles) are particularly vulnerable to unhealthy and unsafe relationships with technology. Through The SINAI Families Digital Safety and Citizenship Program, we partnered with parents to help arm their children with the information and skills necessary to engage with technology in a positive and productive manner. Janell Burley Hofmann, a world renowned expert on Digital Citizenship and Safety, worked with us to create a meaningful dialogue with our entire SINAI community.

In the spring of 2017, Janell visited all of our schools and met with administrators and mental health professionals, as well as groups of students and parents, from whom she learned the unique needs of our school community. During our teacher orientation, Janell met with all of our middle school and high school teachers to introduce the initiative, discuss the curriculum and create a common language with which we will support our students. She has met with all middle school and high school students and continues to mentor our staff in the implementation of the curriculum that we’ve created together.

Please click here to watch Janell's presentation to SINAI parents. 

Janell continued the conversation with our parent body through webinar format on a monthly basis, providing a user-friendly mode through which the discussion continued and from which we continued to learn from one another.

Please click here to access the webinar sign-in. For login information or to view recordings of previous sessions, parents can contact Chavie Hagler at

The webinar dates and topics were as follows: 

  • November 1st - Foundations of iRules
  • December 6th - Screensense, Parental Controls and Safety Tips 
  • January 3rd - The Digital Toolkit 
  • February 7th - Screen Time and Tech Research
  • March 7th - Gaming and Social Media 
  • April 11th - iRules Check-in - Is Your Tech Contract Working?
  • May 2nd - What About Us? Parent Habits and Slow Tech Living
  • June 6th - What's On Your Mind Tonight? Open Q & A