Small Classes

Classes average between 5-9 children, dividing into even smaller groups for most instruction, with 1-4 students per teacher for any given subject.

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SINAI creates a completely individualized program for every single child, with all of his or her needs in mind: academic, social, and emotional.

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Inclusion by Design®

SINAI’s “school within a school” model allows educators to thoughtfully design each child’s day to maximize opportunities for social and academic inclusion within the partner school community.

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Collaborative Therapeutic Model

Therapeutic services at SINAI are offered as an integrated part of our students’ school day. Our therapists both pull out and push into the classrooms, working within the class setting and advising the teachers on an ongoing basis.

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Proven Academic Excellence: Accreditation

SINAI is the only Jewish Special Education school accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Beyond providing an outstanding Jewish special education, SINAI is recognized by experts as providing a stellar secular special education comparable to top-level special education schools in the region.

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The Parent Partnership

Our communication with parents is an active dialogue. We provide progress updates on a regular basis, giving parents frequent feedback and suggestions and responding promptly to information or concerns from parents.

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One of the things that differentiates SINAI is that they're not just working on curriculum, they’re working on sharpening the skills in the child’s head.
Malka SINAI Parent