Small Classes

We teach to each individual child’s strengths, and use a multi-sensory approach to provide our students with different ways to learn information that might be challenging to them.


Students in our elementary schools are divided into multi-grade groupings. A typical class averages between 5-9 students, with 2-3 credentialed teachers. The entire class works together on community building and social skills. For academic learning, children work in even smaller groups or one-on-one with a teacher, based on their individual learning needs in each subject.

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At our Karasick Shalem High Schools, which serve students with developmental and intellectual disabilities, classes are divided subject by subject into peer groupings averaging 4-6 students to match the academic and social needs of each child.

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Maor High School, which provides an academically rigorous program for students with complex learning disabilities and/or social challenges such as high-functioning ASD and ADHD, classes are divided subject by subject, and average between 4-6 students. In addition to their individualized SINAI classes, many students benefit from participating in academic courses in Maor’s partner school, RKYHS, after careful planning and supports are in place.

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You have shown T that success is achievable with hard work. You have taught her what it means to advocate for herself and to be independent. Most importantly, you have helped to restore her self-esteem and self worth.
Joni and Chaim SINAI Parents